[Extension of martial law in Mindanao is not a joke] We speak to stop abusive

We do not complaint because of that accusation that we, Meranao, is helping Maute Group (rebels) we are being treated like we are terrorist because the Philippine military let it be. We are crying but no one is listening to our voices. We left homes because they commanded it. We became an evacuees and receiving goods but can’t relief us. We lost our pride, our land and everything. We loved to be at peace again but they chose to extend martial law. Some officials are being selfish. We do not complaining to stop martial law but how about stop bombing those areas?? They killed so many civilians and military forces. If airstrike is the only solution to Maute Group then at least you (Government) informed us to be prepared and now we are sorry!

We spoke and shouted ‘‘ NO TO EXTENSION OF MARTIAL LAW’’ not because of the properties but for people who live in fear and absence of peace. Memories are not easy to get back.

We are crying inside that we are left behind. We are nothing. We become strangers. President treated as enemy when we said something against him.

We talked and talked and talked until we are hear. We speak and and speak and speak until the abusive stop. We shout and shout and shout until freedom get back.

We are not against by the President but we are against of Air strikes! Is it hard to listen Mr. Pres. Duterte??? We voted for you and you should have listened to us! We do not helping Maute Group. We are an ordinary citizen. We are being tricked by them. Islam do not teach violence. Dont make a generalization. Please!

We wanted our rights as human at least that give it to us! You dont know what we see and feel because for you, your AFP (Army Forces) are hero. Just because they were in a battlefield. How can you be sure that all of them are moral? Huh??? Have you ever watch them personally in field? Or in any checkpoints?! We speak for people of the state not for ourselves only!!!

Citizen of Marawi City, Philippines and now an evacuee.

To be continued…

Because There Were Posting Gaps: A Letter To My Blog

the opinionated madman

Dearest Madhouse,

                I was thinking you were in good shape these previous months, oh, I wish you were, because I was and still am. I zipped open your site stats and the “blogs I follow” part and everyone was way ahead of us. It’s like every week, they have a post or two on their blogs. Well, I regret the pen didn’t reach the keyboards. I wish to take it all back and return to our usual-coffee-and-cookies-blog-writing routine. But the hassles are skyrocketing everywhere. (I though hope this makes sense to you.)

                  I’m so sorry I’ve forgotten you over the months. Oh, scratch that – I don’t necessarily mean “forgotten” like someone has been dead for over a hundred years, but a “forgotten” between ‘me-being-busy’ and ‘the-academics-getting-the-best-of-me’ sort. I miss you, I truly do.


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the opinionated madman

We can all fake faces, make people believe what we want them to believe. We can ridicule, judge, and pretend we are smarter than everyone else. We can be who we wanted to be. We can be bastards to make someone else’s life a living hell. We are greedy and take value of our pride. We hurt others to make ourselves superior, we declare our might and perverseness when we get the chance to destroy somebody weaker. We bathe on their feebleness and take joy in it.

We are humans, we love to see others get hurt. We are nothing but HUMANS.

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Marawi, My City

A city that build a life for me,
I started my whole life in that City,
A city where I met people especially a very good friends,
A small City with a great happiness,
I got the worst dream by the time when everything went so wrong.


(Martial Law in Mindanao, Philippines) ‘‘Just when the tears fell down’’

When you finally realized that life is not an easy to get out when you’re in trouble. People hurt you but not everyone’s comfort you.

May 25, 2017. We have to ran for our lives and left our houses to be safe. Our land has became now as ghost. Civilians are afraid because of the thing battlefield. The unrecognizable people attacked the city in a quick of time.

They said they’re MAUTE GROUP sometimes ISIS. But in news, they’re MAUTE GROUP and has linked into ISIS. As of moment, they continue damaging some properties of the civilians. They’re out of control.

Some says that this people are not really mujahiddin. There is something that we cannot explain and that group released a video in which their spokesman had interviewed by one of the media related person.

Accordingly, the spokesman said that they’re not destroying the land but to clean it from sins and there is no law but Allah’s law. For clarification, he said that they are not ISIS or MAUTE GROUP but a MUJAHIDDIN means someone who fight for the sake of Allah and Islam. In islam, peace and fairness are the common to imply.

In video, yes! It was all right but I think it has a no convincing. Why? That video was to calm the civilians not get fear and to clean behind the Group’s leader. They dont fight for Islam but of persobal interest on teritorry.

If we can be a bit observable, we can make a sense. Like how can an ordinary people got this things far. It’s because of some political issues.

As the government declared martial law, the entire city has to face air strikes like bombing the areas where the Maute Group was hidding. But in consequence, many of the houses have affected to the bombing. Civilians are being killed unintentionally. The government has no choice but to do it not for the specific person but for the civilians who lived in fear.

May 28, 2017 the civilians who had not evacuated yet in marawi City had given a chance to leave their houses for clearing the city. The government sent the marine to do the job. They have to check out every houses to secure if the area is clear with terrorist.

After 11 days of battle among the AFP, Marine and Maute Group, the bombs are continued dropping. Too many of collateral has been damaged. The civilians are everywhere in every area of lanao sur. Some are in Saguiaran, Baloi areas. In basak areas of District 1 and 2.

On it 13 days, the AFP has to stopped the bombing because 11 of their soldiers (AFP) had died and 5 were injured when the bomb was accidentally dropped by the 11 soldiers.


The people of Marawi has been calling for the help but rather refused to listen by the government. They have been requesting to stop bombing because there are civilians who have been trapped in their houses.

Another day had gone, but fire shot and bomb sound were still in the nearby. The fear was living in the people.

To be continued…

[Ramadhan 2017] To go or Not!

This past few months, I have been deciding if I can go to where the opportunity waits me or stay for the month of Ramdahan this 2017. I mean if I’m going to spent the holy month in my homeland. But in the end, I chose to go away and looks for my future as a DEGREE HOLDER somewhere in Luzon. So, I guess this is it!!!


[1st year Anniv @WP]

Thank you @wordpressdotcom for keeping your blogsite convenient for your well app. I must admit that @blogspotdotcom was the first blogsite I opened about my writing. Yet, I love it both. ♥

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